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About Us

Redburn Transfer is uniquely placed to serve the needs of touring bands.

Music transportation is a demanding business that requires considerable skills and experience. And few companies in the world can rival the experience of trucking associated with the Redburn name.

In fact, our company has a heritage that reaches back a century further than most, established in 1870 when horses and carts still ruled the roads. Over the years, we have grown and developed, embracing the age of the combustion engine and diesel power. From the movement of general goods to passenger transport, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning the world of transportation.

The business today remains firmly in the hands of the Redburn family, building on this unique heritage to create a trucking company that is the first choice for reliability and quality of service.

“What sets Redburn Transfer apart is our total belief in service. Our drivers may be behind the wheel, but it is you, the customer, who drives the business”.

Although the company has grown into a strong and financially stable organisation, it is still small enough to care about every customer, and every performance. The team at Redburn Transfer are always available to talk to customers – whatever the time, whatever the problem. And we are always ready to roll up our sleeves and help get your show on the road. Redburn Transfer is a company that truly understands what its customers want.

We can make life easy for you by offering you the option to store your gear, short or long term, in our 3 tier warehouse. So at the start and end of your European or overseas tour just let the trucks go home and we’ll keep your equipment safe until the next time you need it. We can also assist with the trans-shipping of your containerised consignments.

Our North London base is ideally located on the M25, within easy reach of London’s three major airports and cross channel ferry ports. We know how important your deadlines are. Whatever you need, we are always ready to help.

Redburn Transfer is now clearly established as a leader in music trucking, but increasingly, customers within related areas are finding our experience of transporting stage equipment to be invaluable. So whether you are a rock band playing national stadiums, or a corporation organising European conferences, exhibitions or roadshows, we can help you make a success of every event.

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